Annual Report of Quantities for 2016

Deadline for reporting annual quantities for 2016 is 15 March 2017.

For the Product Register to be a reliable source of information and in order to draw up statistics, it is critical that the information in the register is updated. According to current regulations, annually quantities of the registered chemicals shall be reported.

Companies abroad that have declared chemicals to the Product Register must report the quantities for 2016 within 15 March 2017. The Norwegian Environment Agency will send out lists of registered chemicals to be filled out with quantities in tons for 2016.

Please return the list to:

The Product Register
Norwegian Environment Agency
PO Box 6257 Etterstad
NO-0603 Oslo, Norway

The list may also be returned by email to where also queries about how to complete the lists should be sent.

The Norwegian Environment Agency may impose a coercive fine on your Norwegian customers if the deadline is not met.